The idea of Bambini & Me began during a wonderful Christmas holiday spent in Thailand with family. Whilst looking around a vibrant, local market Melissa discovered a gorgeous pair of bamboo baby pyjamas that were heavenly to touch and beautiful look at; they were so incredibly truly baby soft. Melissa fell in love with the fabric and so it began: the quest to bring truly baby soft bamboo clothing into our lives.


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fussy children

The children in our family are extremely fussy about the feel and texture of their clothes. In particular the uncomfortable feeling of a label scratching at the back of their neck. So, our aim was to create truly baby soft clothing that keeps fussy children happy.

fussy children


Little did Melissa know that these bamboo baby pyjamas could do so much more than simply providing a truly baby soft sleep. When researching bamboo further, we realised that bamboo has many incredible properties. Not only cam bamboo plants absorb around five times more carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and produce roughly 35% more oxygen than most other trees, some variations can grow up to a metre a day whilst consuming less water than cotton plants - a metre in just one day! The fact that you can watch bamboo grow in front of your own eyes had us sold. We loved bamboo.

But the bamboo had not finished surprising us yet. It had more beneficial properties with which to amaze us, such as:

  • being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • absorbing moisture away from your skin
  • being more breathable than cotton
  • helping to control temperature.

It also requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and once fully established, a bamboo tree can be harvested every year meaning that it is 100% sustainable.

love bamboo